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Today I had the pleasure of being a guest on Paperclipping Roundtable along with Wilna Furstenberg and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer . I have been a faithful listener for years of this awesome podcast. Noell & Izzy Hyman, the dynamic duo of a husband/wife  team lead this conversation based hour long podcast about all things scrapbooking.  Noell and I got to be great friends while at Ranger University together.  
 Today's topic was all about how to be able to try out all those techniques you want to or tackling a project with out worry about messing up your space.  Check it out. 
Everyone has a product pick of the week and mine was an easy one... the Compendium of Curiosities  vol I & II by Tim Holtz

 I keep a box of technique tags next to my workspace to reference.  It is a great way to grab a little inspiration when you have creative block. 
Toward the end of the show I mentioned my Ranger Station and the clear tiered shelves that I store my products on.  I have a have 2 of them placed side by side to make semicircles along the wall..  I believe in having easy access to my most used products.

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